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Hi, my name is Muzeyen! Here I am looking for wildlife in the Bale Mountains National Park in Southern Ethiopia.

I was born in the small town of Dinsho in the Bale Mountains National Park, Ethiopia. I studied less than an hour away in the city of Robe and started working in tourism when I was 20 years old.

I learned Bale Mountains like the back of my hand when I worked with the Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme (EWCP) for 4 years as a Wolf Monitor. I spent the days in the mountains following the wolves and helping to vaccinate the wolves against rabies. As a result, I know the packs by name and knows where they live – you’re guaranteed to see wolves on any trip with me!

An early morning walk where we spotted wolf pups!
An early morning walk where we spotted wolf pups!

After working with EWCP I worked with the Frankfurt Zoological Society as a para-ecologist. I capitalized on my knowledge of the park to help study and quantify vegetation, rodents (specifically rats), took transects and helped map the park using GPS.

I am one of the most well-known guides in the park. When photographers, videographers or producers visit I always their guide! Some of my most memorable clients include Graham Norton and BBC, and professional photographers Will Burrard-Lucas, Vincent Munier and Delphin Ruche.

2 years ago, I started my own tour company. I also resourced funding to build a filtration system for washing clothes at the Denka River in Dinsho town. This filtration system keeps soaps from entering the river.

Here I am with clients in before a 5 day trek in Bale Mountains
Here I am with clients in before a 5 day trek in Bale Mountains

But it is not just the Bale Mountains that I know so well. I have guided trips all over the country. Click here to see some of the places I’ll visit with you!

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One thought on “About

  1. Muzeyen says:

    http://www.trekethiopia.orging time. My favorite destination by far was the Bale mountains and Bale Mountains National Park. The area is beautiful and stuningly diverse. You can see the alpine peaks, wildlife rich northern grasslands and the lush Harenna forest all in a few days time. This totally made my trip!
    I also am so thankful to my guide Muzeyen Turke. He recently opened a new tour company in the small town of Bale Dinsho, also the location of the park HQ, easy going, fun and have great english. They are also Dinsho natives and have considerable knowledge of the Bale area. In addition, my guide planned and went with me throughout the country, so a Bale native but very experienced with many other destinations in the country. He took great care of me and had a great understanding of prices and traveling on a budget, being flexible with trip changes as my allowances changed.
    I highly recomend these guys to any other travelers thinking about going to Ethiopia. Unfortunately, I don’t have their contact info. but I got it all from their website these guys are what any traveler needs and more! I can’t wait to return to see my friend on another outing.


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